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Tutis Technologies Ltd. is a BSE listed company is a world class technology solutions provider.

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    Fingerprint RFID Access Control
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Fingerpoint Development Kit
Web Authentication Kit
SecuGen SDK ver 8.0
SecuGen FDA02 DK

Biometric SDK & API's
SecuGen SDK – Fingerprint Software Development Kit
Overview :
Fingerprint Software development kit is necessary tool for software developers to develop fingerprint recognition based applications. Fingerprint SDK allows your application to directly interact with USB port Fingerprint scanners and execute functions through Application Programming Interface (API) provided by SDK. This SecuGen SDK is feature rich in the form of COM controls and dlls which can be integrated in any VB, VC++, .NET ,.ASP., Java applications. It supports Windws, Linux ,SE, Sun Solaris as well. This is extremely useful for large projects and developers who want full control over fingerprint scanners and data for optimized applications. It includes existing BSP (Biometric Solution Provider) SDK and 1:N fingerprint recognition engine, not only for a regular fingerprint application, but also for an application using fingerprint data bases of large capacity with high fingerprint search speed.(SecuSearch).

SecuGen SDK Collection contains a variety of high- and low-level API packages that support a wide range of operating systems - Windows, Linux –Red Hat ,Debian, Suse, Fedora Sparc Solaris .So also various development environments and that are compatible with the SecuGen® family of fingerprint peripherals.
The SDK Collection also includes valuable tools for developing leading-edge biometric applications. Includes development tool for Windows, support BSP modules and BioAPI standards.

SecuGen BioAPI supports following standards-NIST FIPS 201, ANSI-INCITS 358-2002 and consist of Biometric Service Provider module for developing BioAPI-compliant applications that work with SecuGen peripherals in Windows environments .Complies with biometric standards BioAPI Specification version 1.1 ,NISTIR 6529-A-2003 Common Biometric Exchange Framework Format (CBEFF) structure. SDK collection also consist of SDK supporting Fingerprint Image Capture in ISO/IEC 19794-4 format, ANSI 378 Standard as well. Which can Store, record and transmit information from fingerprint image data according to ISO/IEC 19794-4:2005.Manage ISO/IEC 19794-4:2005 fingerprint image data records, Obtain image quality feedback.
Some Features of SDK :
Includes Sample Programs - Fingerprint Image Capture
- Fingerprint Matching Demo (using SecuGen template)
- Fingerprint Matching Demo (using ANSI-INCITS 378-2004 template)
Sample Source Code Provided in Visual C++, Provided in C++ Builder, C#, Delphi, Visual Basic, Visual Basic .NET and Visual C++
Additional Features for Windows SDK NIST MINEX-Compliant for FIPS 201 / PIV
- SecuGen ANSI INCITS 378 Template Generator v3.5*
- SecuGen ANSI INCITS 378 Template Matcher v3.5*
* Passed NIST's MINEX test program for PIV compliance and listed on the GSA APL
Auto-OnT,Multi Device Support.,Device Recognition
- Processes fingerprints into 3 types of templates:
ISO/IEC 19794-2:2005 (International standard)
ANSI-INCITS 378-2004 (U.S. standard, FIPS 201)
400 byte encrypted (SecuGen proprietary)
Additional Features for Secu BSP SDK SecuGen device-independent structure
- Device enumeration & auto-detection
- Customizable skins / GUIs
- Payload functions
- Self-protection via DLL signing
- Utility for converting FDx templates into FIR format
- SecuBSP COM for Web and RAD tool developer
- Microsoft .NET component and sample source code for rapid integration
NIST MINEX-Compliant for FIPS 201 / PIV
- SecuGen ANSI INCITS 378 Template Generator v3.5*
- SecuGen ANSI INCITS 378 Template Matcher v3.5*
* Passed NIST's MINEX test program for PIV compliance and listed on the U.S. GSA FIPS 201 Approved Product List
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Authentication System
Secured Your Network Using Fingerprint Biometric
Tutis Technologies Limited was incorporated in September 1991 as Amex Computers and Services Private Limited. Later, in April 1995, the name was changed to Amex Information Technologies Limited.

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Case Studies
Stamp Registration
Description :- Fingerprint of user is captured and printed on Stamp Paper.
Size :- All over Maharashtra at 400 places.
Period :- Completed in One Month.
"Tutis is a Professional Company who Provided Better Solution to help us achive our bussiness goal.We strongly recommend their solutions & services"
Brain Pollak CTO
OPSDesign Inc. UK
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