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Tutis Technologies Ltd. is a BSE listed company is a world class technology solutions provider.

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Software developed by Tutis Technologies harnesses SecuGen fingerprint technology for user identification

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - Feb. 6 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) -- SecuGen Corporation, a world leading fingerprint technology company, announced today that its well-known Hamster(TM) line of fingerprint readers is now available with Tutis Biometric Logon, an Active Directory compatible network authentication application.

SecuGen and TutisWith the combination of SecuGen(R) Hamster fingerprint readers and Tutis Biometric Logon, Tutis Technologies Ltd. now offers a logical and physical access security solution with only one single registration of a user. SecuGen's unique technology offers the use of a common fingerprint template across both PC-based products and embedded fingerprint modules for access control systems.

Tutis Biometric Logon is an elegant, robust and scalable fingerprint-based, password automation solution that takes passwords out of the hands of end-users, improves security, reduces help-desk costs and simplifies life for end-users and administrators alike. Password entry and password management are now completely automated and secured with fingerprint biometrics, helping organizations achieve both security as well as convenience. Incorporating SecuGen fingerprint technology, Tutis Biometric Logon has also been integrated with Citrix to offer robust enterprise security solutions.

"SecuGen manufactures high quality yet low cost fingerprint readers. This is a difficult combination to achieve," said Mr. G. S. Chandrasekhar, Managing Director of Tutis Technologies Ltd. "We have been using the SecuGen Hamster III and Hamster Plus in a wide variety of settings including rural India, and the results have been outstanding. SecuGen's readers perform consistently well. We are able to offer our end-users a reasonably priced fingerprint reader that is as accurate as any on the market, works under a tough conditions, is extremely accurate and has a three year warranty. We could not ask for more."

Won Lee, CEO of SecuGen said, "We have worked with Tutis Technologies for many years now. They are the prototype of ideal partners that we look for all over the world. They have a deep understanding of corporate and government security applications, a well-established development organization, and with Tutis Biometric Logon, a complete suite of best-of-breed security products. We are very pleased to continue working with them."
About Tutis Technologies Ltd.

Tutis Technologies Ltd, is a Bombay Stock Exchange listed company in India with a presence in the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates. Tutis Technologies is a pioneer in the field of biometric solutions for logical and physical access and domain expertise in software development and customized biometric solutions for various industries from banking and finance to retail sales. More information is available at

About SecuGen
SecuGen Corporation ( is the world's leading provider of advanced, optical fingerprint recognition technology, products, tools and platforms for physical and information security. SecuGen designs and develops FBI-certified fingerprint readers and OEM components, developer kits and software that include NIST/MINEX-compliant algorithms. Known for high quality, ruggedness and performance in a wide variety of applications and environmental conditions, SecuGen products are used by world-leading financial, medical, government, educational and corporate institutions and are sold through a partner network of over 200 original equipment manufacturers, independent software vendors and system integrators around the world.

SecuGen is a registered trademark of SecuGen Corporation in the United States and other countries.
An Indian biometric pioneer

Setup in 1991, Tutis Technologies has grown into a Rs 53 crore company, with a focus on biometric solutions and related services. By Varun Aggarwal

"Tutis has functional expertise in BPO, KPO, BFSI, ITeS, defense and intelligence
organizations and the services sector"

- Aniket Jathar

Tutis Technologies Limited was incorporated in September 1991 as Amex Computers and Services Private Limited. Later, in April 1995, the name was changed to Amex Information Technologies Limited. This, in October 2006, became Tutis Technologies Limited (Tutis). Tutis is a Latin word that means secured. The name Tutis was adopted as the company decided to focus its business development on biometrics software and hardware, and its software products were already named as Tutis.

The company was founded by G S Chandrashekar. He is currently the Chairman and MD of the Tutis Group of Companies. The present promoters of the company are G S Chandrashekar and Aniket Jathar. Listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange, Tutis went public through an initial public offer in August 1999. It was a big moment when the company came into the limelight.

Services subsidiaries

The company launched a biometric division in 2003. Tutis has two other subsidiaries in India—Vishal Information Technologies and Basiz Fund Accounting Services. “Tutis and its subsidiaries are not in complementary business models and each company is into different businesses within the ambit of the information technology industry,” said Aniket Jathar, Director, Tutis Technologies.

Vishal Information Technologies was started in 2001 and is a provider of IT-enabled services. From a humble beginning at a 3,000 sq ft office with 30 employees in its first year, VITL has grown into a multi-faceted $8 million ITeS company occupying 15,000 sq ft of office space in Mumbai and Chennai. It employs 190 professionals and operates through a channel of 800 contract employees who cater exclusively to VITL’s internal need. VITL has developed its expertise in the areas of data digitization, e–publishing, digital library and print on-demand.

Basiz Fund Accounting Services was started in January 2006. It is in the business of Fund Accounting, which is a back-office function that begins once a trade is struck and ends when information is sent to investors or broker dealers. The services cover uploads, trade validation, trade processing and valuations, maintenance, quarterly activities and annual activities. Most of Basiz’s clients are significant hedge funds.

Major projects undertaken
Project Project for Solution Purpose
Mapping Project
High-end, large area, FBI-compliant fingerprint devices along with software. Deployed across India & UAE at more than 300 centers.
Used to create a database of investors as per SEBI guidelines. Data for more than a million users has been captured.
Employee database
High-end, large area, FBI-compliant fingerprint devices along with software.
Used by NASSCOM to create an employee database that currently hosts more than five million registrations.
Computerization of Land & Revenue Department
Fingerprint-based solution
Used for capturing fingerprint data in property transactions replacing the age-old, traditional ink pad. Deployed across India at 2,000 locations registering approximately 1 lakh fingerprint captures every day. The system has been in use for the last five years.
Computerization of Land Records & Settlement Commissioner - e-Governance
Land Record and Settlement Commissioner
Fingerprint-based solution
Used by the designated authority to commit land transfer documents. Deployed across 750 locations; approximately 35,000 transactions mutated per month for the past five years
Driving license
State Transport Department
Capturing Biometric Identity of license holder and storing it on a smart card
To store and validate driver information through a biometric smart card being provided as the driver's license. It helps in instant and accurate information retrieval of the license holder.

Growing steadily

For the last seven years, Tutis Technologies has been among the leading providers of biometric products and solutions in India. It is a pioneer in the field of biometric software solutions, card-based solutions and devices.

The early years saw Tutis grow rapidly as it added products from global leaders such as Siemens and CMS Computers to its client portfolio. Tutis also constantly endeavored to enrich its product portfolio and added several biometric products, including iGuard, to its list.

Jathar said, “Tutis aims at introducing not just technological innovations but a range of products to customize and redefine workspaces through the best office automation and security solutions. It has a range of biometric products and software solutions with a wide spectrum of functionality, interoperability and flexibility for customization.”

With advances in technology Tutis has made major progress in the field of identity recognition based on fingerprints, smart cards, RFID and even retina scanning. “Tutis has a functional expertise in several industries, especially BPO, KPO, BFSI, ITeS, defense and intelligence organizations and the services sector,” he added.

Tutis currently caters to all these industries with customized and flexible biometric solutions for physical and logical employee-presence tracking and monitoring, time attendance and access control. “These end-to-end biometric solutions are ideal for both large and small enterprises and can be used to simplify processes like payroll calculation and also make them user friendly,” Jathar explained.

Tutis Biometric functions globally; it is headquartered in Mumbai, India, with offices in the UK and UAE.

It has an impressive list of clients across the globe, including corporate giants Siemens, Wipro-Dubai, Emirates Group and ETA Ascon Group.

1999 Started the Biometric division as a value-added reseller for biometric automation devices imported from China and USA.
2000 Established strategic partnership-based business model with Cross Match Technologies and SecuGen Corp, USA.
2000 The company successfully completed a large-scale project for the Government of Maharashtra for fingerprint-based Stamp Duty and Registration automation process for property transactions.
2001 It made a strategic alliance with Lucky Technologies for their Time-Attendance device-iGuard.
2002 Carried out a project on fingerprint-based automation for employee monitoring and exporting the data for payroll calculations in a large pharmaceutical MNC.
2003 The company established strategic alliances with leading biometric companies and strengthened existing relations through a series of aggressive media campaigns and visibility initiatives.
2005 It developed and launched its own security software Tutis Biometric Logon in Desktop as well as Enterprise versions. This software has been accepted by both end-users as well as enterprises with large networks.
2005 The company submitted a proof of concept and subsequently deployed Tutis Biometric Logon for a leading financial institution for an online banking application.
2006 It successfully deployed the Enterprise version of Tutis Biometric Logon at a UK-based call center with over 400 clients and nine servers.
2006 The company developed fingerprint matching technology, Fingerpoint Ver 1.2, for applications written for the Microsoft Windows platform.
2006 It released an upgraded version of Tutis Biometric Logon (TBL 2.0) with enhanced features like 'Cache Logon' and more AFIDs.
2007 Tutis Biometric Logon now supports Windows Terminal Services.

Biometric Division

The company’s Biometric Division is headed by Aniket Jathar and has been divided into three departments—development, marketing, pre- and after-sales support. The combined employee strength for all three departments is around 50. Jathar said, “Our Mumbai office is the nerve center for all three activities. Licensing and e-mail support is also done from Mumbai. We have sales and support offices in Chennai, London and Dubai. In India, we have a network of resellers who provide installation support for our customers.”

The company is also planning to appoint software integrators in the Far East to provide after-sales support for its Tutis Logon products.

Most significant project

The most ambitious and perhaps the most successful project for Tutis was the development of Tutis Biometric Logon (TBL), a robust and scalable biometric security software solution that employs fingerprint-based authentication for desktop and domain log-on.

TBL runs on a Windows platform and replaces the conventional password-based Windows login with a fingerprint login for both desktops and domains. The software comes in two editions; Tutis Desktop Edition and the Tutis Enterprise Edition.

The software is being used in a diverse set industries and verticals, from banking and finance to ITeS to defense and intelligence. TBL facilitates time management for employees in large networks and BPOs where employee presence and movement directly reflect productivity. It can also be customized for integration with payroll software and can be used by managers to increase the efficiency of their business and secure their data.

TBL supports SecuGen’s fingerprint scanner SecuGen Hamster III as well as other scanning devices. SecuGen Hamster III is a compact fingerprint scanner with USB connectivity. It is scratch-, impact-, vibration- and electrostatic shock-resistant and comes with a three-year warranty.

Registered & Head Office
C-409, Solaris 1,
Opposite L&T Gate No-6,
Saki-Vihar Road,
Andheri (E), Mumbai-400 072.
Tel :+ 91 22 2857 8240 / 42
Fax :+ 91 22 2857 8239
Email : [email protected]
Authentication System
Secured Your Network Using Fingerprint Biometric
Tutis Technologies Limited was incorporated in September 1991 as Amex Computers and Services Private Limited. Later, in April 1995, the name was changed to Amex Information Technologies Limited.

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Case Studies
Stamp Registration
Description :- Fingerprint of user is captured and printed on Stamp Paper.
Size :- All over Maharashtra at 400 places.
Period :- Completed in One Month.
"Tutis is a Professional Company who Provided Better Solution to help us achive our bussiness goal.We strongly recommend their solutions & services"
Brain Pollak CTO
OPSDesign Inc. UK
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