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Offshore Development Model
The Offshore Outsourcing Model at Tutis Technologies Ltd gives our customers additional value in the areas of
Improved time to market
Resource availability
Higher quality
Lower cost
This section helps to understand better how Tutis Technologies Ltd manages the three areas most critical to our customers when they outsource projects to us.
Tutis Technologies Ltd makes sure that the right mix of people is used to form the team that will be responsible for implementing the customers project. There are two parts to the team, an onsite team and an offshore team. The onsite team consists of professionals who are competent in project management, technical and business requirements analysis and customer relationship management. The offshore team consists of skilled professionals responsible for implementation and deployment of the requirements with the highest quality levels.
Thus a typical team that our customers can expect to have for their outsourced projects comprise a Project Manager who is a single point of contact for the customer, a Technical lead who is responsible for the engineering of the project, one or more senior developers and a team of programmers with the required skill sets.
Tutis Technologies Ltd has the right employee friendly policies in place to make sure that skilled personnel remain dedicated to the customer for the entire duration of the project.
Tutis Technologies Ltd has an experienced team of project managers and technical leads who will customize our existing software development processes to suit the requirements of the customer. The customer can expect to see well-designed processes implemented right from the initial meetings through the development life cycle resulting in project delivery on time, as per specifications and with the highest emphasis on quality.
Tutis Technologies Ltd gives quality a very high priority in the software development life cycle and is implemented through continuous process monitoring, process ownership, reviews at all stages, adherence to software development standards and adequate documentation.
The customer can also monitor the progress of the project in terms of quality, scope, schedules, utilization and defect management though well defined interactions with the project management team and also through project management tools.
Tutis Technologies Ltd uses technology at every stage of the software development life cycle. Customers have access to project reporting and control mechanisms over the Internet so that the perceived risk due to distance is minimized. Project managers, technical leads and developers use a variety of project management and design / development tools which greatly reduce time to deliver.
Tutis Technologies Ltd also implements strict security mechanisms over the offshore computer systems and networks so that the customer's intellectual property rights are not compromised through theft or attacks on the system.


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