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Optidocs Web based (Enterprise)
This product is suited for Medium to Large Organizations.
Multi-User application requiring MS SQL 7.0/MS SQL 2000 or Oracle as the backend, OptiDocs Enterprise comes with:
Admin application for configuration
Capture Client to store physical and electronic documents
Comprehensive security
Version Control
WorkFlow creation
Text Extractor
Full Text Indexing
Full Text and MetaData search
Browser based retrieval of documents.
Barcode Technology is used for segregating the folder creation process and scanning process thus saving expensive and precious knowledge workers time.
Search is comprehensive supporting the following types of searches.
Phrase and
Metadata searches facilitated.
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  Document Management System
Optidocs Basic
Optidocs Enterprise
  Financial Institution
  Description :- Consultancy, Implementation of DMS (S/w & Services)
Size :- 15 million documents
Period :- 24 months
  Description :- Consultancy, Implementation of ‘OptiDocs’
Size :- High-speed scanners & > 100000 Pages
Period :- 6 Months
  University, Europe
  Description :- Tiff images converted into ASCII format with specific instructions from client.
Size :- 55000 Pages per Month
Period :- 2 years
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