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Publishing Support Services
Tutis Technologies Ltd’s Publishing Support Services (PSS) division focuses on providing world-class production support for Print publishing for STM, Legal, Financial and Academic book publishers and also for E-publishing through Online Journals /E-Books/ Database etc and also in CD ROM

Tutis Technologies Ltd’s PSS division provides complete end-to-end integrated project management and production support services for books, journals and reference works from Data Capture to XML, SGML, and HTML solutions


Print - Prepress

Tutis Technologies can handle various stages starting from Prepress till the final print process for Publishers and Print process industries :

Manuscript management

Copy editing

Digital typesetting/conversions

Digital Typesetting

Inputs are accepted in the form of author's disks or hard copies (Digital/ hand-written). Outputs generated as Post-Script, PDF, hyperlinked PDFs, as well as Customer-specific files like Quark, etc.

We have capabilities and expertise in handling pagination softwares like Frame Maker, QuarkXpress, TeX, LaTeX2e,

TeX and LaTeX

We undertake projects on TeX or LaTeX with client-provided style/ class files. In-house style files and class files can also be developed on specific client needs. TeX is platform-independent and is ideal for heavy mathematical and scientific settings.

Quark Xpress

We use Quark for Books, Journals, Magazines and Research Reports that are heavily designed and illustrated. We also have extensions for tables and math settings on Quark. The range of projects for which we use Quark:

Plain Ficton Titles

Columnar text jobs with 2 or more columns involving significant design work

Academic Titles / School textbooks (from K1 to K12)
Children’s Book which are graphic-intensive.
Books/journals with simple and medium complex math

Frame maker

We use Framemaker on client specific instructions for paginating few non-math / Academic Titles, which are less-math intensive. We can paginate in Framemaker using XML as an inbuilt tool as well as the SGML.


Automation Software - Xtags, Xpress tags, Autopage, PowerMath

Redrawing and Re-labeling - Adobe Illustrator 9.0 and Adobe Photoshop 6.0

Foreign Languages

We also handle foreign languages with predominant English alphabets and a few special characters as text matter. However for image processing any language is no bar and we have experience in handling such projects of foreign languages.


Tutis Technologies Ltd’s E-Publishing is fully geared to handle any assignment of E-Publishing like :

Online Journals including digitisation of back issues

E-Books (Publishing as well as conversion of hard copy format to e-books)
  • Mobi Pocket
• Adobe eBook
• Microsoft eBook
• Gemstar
• Palm
• Open Ebook for Palmtop
Databases ( Accessible through net)
CD ROM (Tutis Technologies can provide the output in CD ROM -self installable with deployment capability on multi OS with all security features)

We guarantee cost effective, customized workflows and synchronized world-class production. Our in-house Graphics expertise covers all aspects of composition services including artwork generation, retouching and labeling artworks, scanning of line and tones and more.

E -Conversions

Conversion from any format to any format

Frame maker + SGML

Softquad Panorama
Ultra Edit
SGML, HTML, XML based on DTD
DTD development as per requirement- Familiar with OVID,ONIX,NLM,TEILite etc.
DTD Creation
Textual data entry from printed matter, manuscripts, scanned images etc.
Simple, Scientific & Mathematical

Tutis Technologies Ltd provides PDF conversion services. Documents from any form - paper or digital (MS Word, ASCII, SGML XML) can be converted into PDF formats.

Tutis Technologies can provide fully searchable PDF files using sophisticated software such as Adobe Acrobat Capture 3.0. PDF files can be provided with a variety of additional features such as table of contents, bookmarks, watermarks, links and security options.


Developing style templates

Integration with Acrobat, HTML, XML

Open  URL  framework, CrossRef,  DOI,  RDF, XHTML, XSLT,  Metadata  standards  etc are  the   recent developments in  the  Publishers world . Tutis Technologies is all set  to  support  the scholarly  publication eco system.

Microfilming and Microfilm scanning

Microfilming - Paper to Film/Fiche

Tutis Technologies Ltd can handle microfilming in the form of roll film, microfiche and aperture cards. We have experts to ensure that the output meets / exceeds industry standards.

Microfilm Scanning - Film/Fiche to Digital

Using state-of-the-art scanners and image enhancement software, Tutis Technologies can digitize your existing microfilm or microfiche producing images consistent with and often better than the quality of the original film. This will allow all of your information to be stored and accessed using the same electronic information management solution.

Document Management Services

Tutis Technologies Ltd is well equipped to offer a broad spectrum of document management services including the following:


We have facilities for scanning a variety of documents and handling large volumes of work is our strength. Tutis Technologies Ltd has access to a sophisticated range of production scanners that are capable of handling diverse types of documents including texts, forms, handwritten manuscripts, graphics and tables. Our team has recently handled huge scanning of 14th Century Legal Documents for a court in the United Kingdom.

Image Processing

Our image processing team is equipped to handle half tones and line arts and process images in colours and B&W formats. In addition, our team has exposure to a variety of graphics software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator, CorelDraw, and ChemDraw for chemical equations and images.


Tutis Technologies Ltd also undertakes Optical Character Recognition (OCR) of scanned documents to convert them into editable files using the latest generation OCR packages. High accuracy work can be provided by Tutis Technologies by using a combination of OCR technology and manual re-keying methods.

We can also provide OMR services/ on-line fillable PDF .


Tutis Technologies can extract from various source materials like books, journals, scientific journals, research articles, conference proceedings etc. Our Indexers are specialised in the General Indexing of Books and Journals as well as specialised Indexing of Scientific Reports, Journals etc. Our indexing team can index keywords, titles, write summaries etc. using the thesaurus. Also contents can be made web enabled.

A typical project involves indexing directly from images, text and hardcopies using proprietary software. Delivery of the final output in XML is customized as per the client specification.

Publishing Support Services (PSS)
Conference Publishing Services (CPS)
Library Digitisation / Digital Library set up
Editorial Services, Abstracting, Content Management
Document Management Solutions - Optidocs
  Financial Institution
  Description :- Consultancy, Implementation of DMS (S/w & Services)
Size :- 15 million documents
Period :- 24 months
  Description :- Consultancy, Implementation of ‘OptiDocs’
Size :- High-speed scanners & > 100000 Pages
Period :- 6 Months
  University, Europe
  Description :- Tiff images converted into ASCII format with specific instructions from client.
Size :- 55000 Pages per Month
Period :- 2 years
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