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Data Conversion
The leader in Data Conversion Tutis Technologies Ltd's Custom Services has processed over millions of records for its clients. Tutis Technologies Ltd offers customized services to meet your document library's retrospective conversion needs. We complete conversion and upgrade projects in a fraction of the time it would take you to do the work in-house.
In various conversion services for the libraries around the world, Tutis Technologies Ltd has earned a reputation for expertise and reliability that is second to none. In the current reality of tight budgets, Tutis Technologies Ltd provides a cost-effective alternative to in-house conversion projects delivering the highest quality result without requiring new staff, overtime or postponements.
Tutis Technologies Ltd provides full range of electronic publishing and Web-based solutions, including document conversion of files from virtually any file format to another:
   PDF to HTML
     PDF to RTF
   TIFF to CSV
   Quark to PDF
   TIFF to XML
   Pagemaker to PDF
The records are transcribed from scanned images of the original pages, using a double-rekeying technique. Each document is read and keyed by two skilled transcribers, and the results are compared by computer. Using our in-house developed, any differences alert editors to a possible error, which is checked and corrected.
The company supports all major electronic formats. Mentioned below are some of them:
- SGML - XML - HTML - Word - Frame Maker
- WordPerfect - Quark - Interleaf - PageMaker - BookMaster
- Xyvision - Folio - Miles33 - TeX/LaTeX - Penta
- Troff - Ventura - PDF - E-book - Images
You can count on Tutis Technologies Ltd's Data Conversion Custom Services for:
  Customized project specifications we follow your instructions meticulously
  High-quality customer service
  Stringent quality control throughout the project
  Careful handling of cards, documents and source materials
  Speedy project completion
  Complete Markup records that adhere to the latest standards
  Staying within your budget
  Expertise in non-English, non-Roman language
  Special format expertise
  Experienced, highly-trained staff
There may be a situation where you may have an electronic document in PDF format, for example, and you may wish to convert that file to Microsoft Word for editing purposes. Or you may have a PDF file that you want converted to HTML format so that your customers will be able to view the document in their browser without having to open a viewing program such as Acrobat Reader. Tutis Technologies Ltd will convert that file from PDF to HTML, complete with navigation, graphics and tabular data, while maintaining the format as close to the original as is possible.
Form Processing
Data Conversion
Data Digitization
  Financial Institution
  Description :- Consultancy, Implementation of DMS (S/w & Services)
Size :- 15 million documents
Period :- 24 months
  Description :- Consultancy, Implementation of ‘OptiDocs’
Size :- High-speed scanners & > 100000 Pages
Period :- 6 Months
  University, Europe
  Description :- Tiff images converted into ASCII format with specific instructions from client.
Size :- 55000 Pages per Month
Period :- 2 years
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