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Document Management System
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Full Lifecycle Document & Information Management
Document Imaging is a combination of software and hardware that allows users to capture information from a number of sources: paper, fax, e-mail, the Internet, even handwritten notes. The captured documents are then stored digitally on a computer system, and can be retrieved in seconds with a few keystrokes. Users can store, copy, and retrieve documents, and integrate them into their business applications. Whether for a single desktop or a multi-user environment, document imaging is an invaluable tool for controlling, managing, and sharing critical information.
The term “Document Management System” signifies a broad collection of roughly related systems that perform one or more of several functions. It’s a relatively new, and as yet undefined, class of information technology, one that is used to coordinate electronic document management, storage, and retrieval. Typical functions that document management systems perform, though no system performs them all, include:
Descriptive file naming : Allowing long, more descriptive filenames thus overcoming the problems of short filenames.
Indexing : Creating lists of keywords for easy retrieval.
Multi-file document control : A key feature of document management systems is the treating of various files and data associated with one document as a single object during archival and retrieval transactions.
Storage and retrieval : Assists in managing storage and retrieval functions.
Why use Document Management Systems ?
For businesses, such as engineering, insurance, banks, and pharmaceutical firms, the goal of automating document management is to control and increase the efficiency of the flow of documents that support their business — producing aircraft or automobiles, processing insurance claims, creating and obtaining approval for new drugs. The benefits of document management for businesses include:
Creating leverage of intellectual capital such that knowledge is created once, then reused many times
Managing workflow, that is, controlling the flow of information through all phases of a process
Fostering more effective teamwork to accelerate business-critical applications
Delivering products faster with better customer service (reduce cycle times)
Allowing rapid response to events.
Benefits of DMS solution
Instantaneous retrieval of documents from anywhere
Sharing of documents between multiple users
Ability to move document electronically in workflow and status tracking
Multiple backups with very small storage requirement
Added utilization of the existing IT investment

Leverage the benefits of the massive data for more useful analysis & study in a few clicks, which otherwise would have taken several hours.
Huge savings in overheads in the long run.
  Document Management System Conventional method
Storage Files in electronic format consume less space, stored on disks, which have more storage capacity and are easy to maintain as compared to huge piles of papers. Huge piles of papers are stored in files which occupy more space.
Retrieval Documents are arranged in the respective folders that are categorised according to the company policy. Users are instantly aided in narrowing down their search by choosing from available subcategories. Retrieval becomes difficult as a person has to flip through piles of papers before he actually gets what he is looking for.
Time Consumes less time as everything is computerized More time consuming because work is done manually
Maintenance Maintenance is easy because data is stored in disks which is easy to maintain and there are zero chances of perish ability. Maintenance of huge piles of papers is difficult. There is increased risk of perish ability in this case.
Mobility Data is stored in disks which is portable without any difficulty. Difficult as porting huge piles of papers is a tedious job.
Manpower Requires less manpower Requires more manpower
Form Processing
Data Conversion
Data Digitization
  Financial Institution
  Description :- Consultancy, Implementation of DMS (S/w & Services)
Size :- 15 million documents
Period :- 24 months
  Description :- Consultancy, Implementation of ‘OptiDocs’
Size :- High-speed scanners & > 100000 Pages
Period :- 6 Months
  University, Europe
  Description :- Tiff images converted into ASCII format with specific instructions from client.
Size :- 55000 Pages per Month
Period :- 2 years
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