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Tutis Technologies is a company that has carved a niche for itself in the segment of BPO and IT for providing solutions and services. We specialize in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services in various sectors. We are a premier technology based firm, offering comprehensive and professional IT services. We provide superior, practical and flexible BPO and Software Solutions and deliver competitive advantage to information technology users, small-medium & large corporates and policy makers.
Tutis Technologies is focused on providing BPO solutions to European based companies. Our offsite-offshore model benefits the European companies immensely. With the support of Tutis Technologies’s (our Parent company) Software Development expert team, we provide customers in UK, a viable cost-effective option, enabling them to focus on their core business. We at Tutis Technologies Ltd , take care of the rest.
Tutis Technologies ’s range of ‘IT-Enabled services for BPO’ includes
Document Management
Document Scanning
Data Entry/ Re Keying
Data Conversion (XML, HTML, PDF, etc.)
Data processing
Document OCR/ ICR/ OMR
Back office operations
Transaction Processing
Form Processing
Data Warehousing
Database Management
System services
Tutis Technologies ’s range of ‘IT consulting expertise’ includes
Customized Client/Server and Internet/Intranet based software development
Legacy Application System Maintenance
Database Migration Services
Product Development
Owing to our constant stress on strong set of values, ethics and our continuous attention on maintaining high standards of performance through understanding of national and international business requirements, we are rapidly evolving as a forceful entity in the BPO and the IT segments. Our prowess is technology and we are constantly updating on this front.
We believe that unless one tries to do something beyond what one has already mastered, one never grows. We at Tutis Technologies Ltd have plans of expansions. Off shore development facilities to customers across the globe is our core area of concentration. We plan to work further in the technology areas of biometrics, telephony, communications, knowledge management and emerging web technologies. There are plans to augment the existing infrastructure in Mumbai and open new development centers.

We at Tutis Technologies Ltd , begin with where we are, what we have, and what our customers want. We see it, feel it, believe in it… make our mental blueprint and begin to build. For us, customers always come first. We understand the psyche of the consumers. We are working round the clock, through the year, to meet and surpass the needs and expectations of our customers and our own people

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