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Why Tutis Technologies Ltd?
We operate to the highest standards - delivering consistent and dependable service quality
We commit to client satisfaction as our most important business objective
We have invested in the very best people in our industry
We have invested in the best equipment, software and infrastructure to deliver our services
We have invested in our clients to build long-term partnership relationships
We are under process for ISO 9001, 2000 accreditation
Perfection is our motto, excellence is tolerated.
A drive to innovate
The function of genius is not to give new answers, but to pose new questions, sense questions that exist and then provide solutions that best resolve it. We at Tutis Technologies Ltd are constantly doing that.
A truly global company with a foresight
The Company has a global approach in terms of both clientele and networking. It has fully operational offices of its group companies in UK, Sweden and UAE. This international exposure provides the company the wide experience and expertise that it requires for handling business development and expansions leading to desirable financial rewards.
A policy to excel
Our operations are not based upon rigid guidelines. Our primary objective is to excel. We believe in crossing all boundaries when it comes to exceeding expectations of our clients. The only policy we follow is that of delivering desired solutions, anytime, anywhere.
Commitment towards quality
Tutis Technologies Ltd is committed towards providing the best quality of service and solutions. To ensure the highest level of quality of our services and solutions, we pay a lot of attention towards building up and maintaining our professional human resources. At its managerial and technical staff, we at Tutis Technologies Ltd have on board some of the most dedicated, experienced, focused, talented and professionally qualified people.
Tutis Technologies Ltd offers Information, Planning and Development Software, all under one banner. It provides end-to-end solution in the areas of focus. It is trusted and reputed amongst the circle of its clients, consultants and competitors alike.

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