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Case Studies

Following are a few client case studies that will provide you an overview of our work structure and capabilities:

Software Solution

Travel Kiosk Software for a large travel company in UK

Tutis Technologies Limited has developed a KIOSK based solution for a leading travel company in UK. These KIOSK are located at various tourist attraction places and are connected to backend server through internet The basic functionality of KIOSK is to enable the user to Photograph themselves with choice of background and layouts. Once the photograph is created it is published on the web site and a homepage for that user is created. All these KIOSK are administered remotely Each Kiosk consist of a processor contained within a secured casing with touch screen capabilities, a built-in digital camera, a built-in modem enabling it to connect to the internet, a coin mechanism and a swipe-card reader.

Tutis Technologies Limited has developed the dialer for dialing to the internet, ftp component to transfer the files from KIOSK to Web server and website The web site provides the registered user for the site with personal photo album, address book, travel diary, scrapbook, and SSL based personal information storage. The user can protect the photographs from being viewed by unauthorized person by password protecting them. One may publish photographs for public viewing, so any person accessing the web site can search and view them. In the second phase of the project message board and jobzone are added to it


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