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Case Studies

Following are a few client case studies that will provide you an overview of our work structure and capabilities:

Software Solution


TeleBanking is a service which makes banking easy from any touch-tone telephone 24 hours a day by enabling customers to obtain various information about their account with the bank and also perform transfers between their accounts. The information consisting of statements (such as details of last transactions) can be faxed to the client calling from a fax machine. Standard menu options provide for checking balances, inquire about specific cheque, and obtain faxed copy of last specified transaction additional options and menus can be added on demand.

The solution developed by us works with telephony cards such as DIALOGIC from 2 ports to 30 ports and also with voice modems appropriate for a small branch. This system can be integrated with existing banking systems running on NT, UNIX or NOVELL platforms.

The voice prompts and menus are completely customizable and the end users can add their prompts and options when ever appropriate. System also supports fax on the same line without an outgoing call. Telebanking node seamlessly integrates within the existing banking network.

Hardware requirements
Pentium III processor based PC with 64 MB RAM and around 10 MB disk space plus additional disk space for voice recording. DIALOGIC telephony card or voice modem.

Software requirements
Windows 9x, NT or Intel Solaris

Remote Query Enabling


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