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Tutis Technologies Ltd. is a BSE listed company is a world class technology solutions provider.

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Fingerprint Biometric Logon
Overview :
Tutis Biometric Logon is a robust and scalable security software solution from Tutis Technologies which uses Biometric or fingerprint based authentication system for desktop and domain log-on. It provides reliable access control and circumvents the need for ID cards and passwords completely so that the management does not have to worry about ID cards and passwords being lost, damaged or forgotten. The package comes in two editions; Tutis Desktop Edition and the Tutis Enterprise Edition to suit the requirements and size of any particular enterprise and corresponding application for desktop OR server log in. This makes Tutis Biometric Logon an ideal security package for both, single/stand-alone PCs as well as multiple PCs connected within a LAN or a network system. Tutis Biometric Logon allows secure data exchange using 128-bit encryption. The encrypted files require fingerprint authentication for decryption and vice versa which gives maximum data security in networks and email exchanges. This cutting edge technology from Tutis also allows you use AFID (Automatic Fingerprint Identification) concept to build your own Trust circle for Login and sharing of files.
Techanical Specification :
Supports Active Directory
Tutis integrates seamlessly with Active Directory and enables networks/system to function in Windows environment
  1. Provides a framework for scalability at an organizational level
  2. No additional software required for integration
  3. Makes use of the standards-based directory services for sharing information about users and centrally manage authentication policies
  4. Reduces the burden of IT administration to incorporate the new Login software
Desktop/Client Logon
Client Logon software (Enterprise version) also serves as a Desktop Logon when the PC / laptop is not connected in a network and vice versa
  1. Small enterprises need not buy separate Desktop version for their PC/Laptops to ensure smooth login even when not connected in a network
  2. CEO CFO and other high net worth individuals can use the Client (Enterprise) version on their laptops while on the move
  3. Multiple location offices and frequently roaming users can work efficiently across locations and even while traveling with the client version.
Secure Desktop
Administrator can lock any client desktop remotely which requires fingerprint authentication to unlock
  1. Allows administrator to lock any desktop in the network remotely
  2. Improved security against unattended desktops
  3. Helps employer monitor the presence of his employees
Screensaver lock
Desktop is locked at random intervals by screensaver lock which requires fingerprint authentication to unlock
  1. Random screensaver lock for desktop improves security
  2. Especially useful in improving productivity by ensuring employee presence
Allows a user to associate multiple fingerprints with his / her user account with flexible access control
  1. Allows you to form your secure peer group (for a single user account) to share data within the secure network
  2. Supports multiple fingerprints of the same user as well as multiple users itself in a standalone desktop system
  3. Ensures access to system/data in case of physical damage to an individual’s finger
Allows you to encrypt files using 128-Bit file encryption for added data security
  1. Additional security layer for data security in a system
  2. Encrypted files can be shared via Email or in a shared environment
  3. Allows you to encrypt critical files to protect them from AFID users accessing your system
Secure Document Exchange
Enables users to share confidential data via email in a secure and safe method
  1. Encrypted files can be mailed across to multiple locations to ensure receipt of confidential data by authorized personnel only
  2. Allows you to export your fingerprint template to another location
  3. Ensures secure data transaction even in absence of local connectivity (LAN / WAN / VPN)
Terminal Services Supports Windows Terminal Services
  1. Ensures data security in the Windows Terminal Services environment
ANSI 378 Compatible
Fingerprint template scanned by the Tutis is compatible with the ANSI standards
  1. High quality of scanned images in accordance with the strict ANSI quality guidelines.
  2. Minimum False Acceptance Ratio
Cache Logon
Supports Window’s feature of cache logon
  1. Enables users to access their customized desktop even when not connected in a network.
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Registered & Head Office
C-409, Solaris 1,
Opposite L&T Gate No-6,
Saki-Vihar Road,
Andheri (E), Mumbai-400 072.
Tel :+ 91 22 2857 8240 / 42
Fax :+ 91 22 2857 8239
Email : [email protected]
Authentication System
Secured Your Network Using Fingerprint Biometric
Tutis Technologies Limited was incorporated in September 1991 as Amex Computers and Services Private Limited. Later, in April 1995, the name was changed to Amex Information Technologies Limited.

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Case Studies
Stamp Registration
Description :- Fingerprint of user is captured and printed on Stamp Paper.
Size :- All over Maharashtra at 400 places.
Period :- Completed in One Month.
"Tutis is a Professional Company who Provided Better Solution to help us achive our bussiness goal.We strongly recommend their solutions & services"
Brain Pollak CTO
OPSDesign Inc. UK
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