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Verifier™ E

The Cross Match Verifier E is the latest technology in fingerprint readers with no other product like it in existence today. With built in intelligence for image quality and performance, the Verifier E is essentially a "smart" scanner. An embedded processor actually counts minutiae ridges to ensure that only a quality print is captured every time.

The Verifier E connects to existing Ethernet networks and can be viewed through any web-browser or custom application using standard TCP/IP protocol. With an Ethernet connection, you get a product that is faster and easier to integrate into high volume enrollment, identification and verification projects. The Ethernet connection also saves organizations significant capital and operational expenses since many Verifier E scanners can be connected to just one computer - unlike USB scanners, which require one computer to one scanner. A web based SDK enables you to configure the scanner using your browser.

The device comes with a number of features that expand the uses of the Verifier E. For example, a serial port can connect to a card reader or any other peripheral device for applications such as one to one matching against an identification card. The product also has finger detection, which detects that a new finger is present and automatically captures the print in a fraction of a second. The unit is also equipped with a prism warmer to help prevent halo effects caused by temperature differences between the prism and finger.

Cross Match prides itself on being a leader in the forensic-quality fingerprint scanner marketplace. Cross Match is known for superior image quality, consistency from device to device, durability, low maintenance requirements and compliance with requirements from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and National Institute of Standards and Technology. The Verifier E is ideal for demanding applications such as Network Access Control, Border Patrol, Frequent Traveler Programs, Passport Projects, Jail System Access Control, Driver's License Projects and Social Service Projects.


Verifier™ E Features

  • Generous Platen Area
  • Ethernet Connection
  • Finger Detect
  • Heated Prism
  • Smart Finger Print Recognition
  • Web Browser Interface
  • ANSI-NIST Compliant
  • Rugged, Durable & Portable
  • Consistent High-Quality Forensic Flat Finger Images
  • Low Maintenance Requirements
System Requirements
  • Operating System
    Any operating system that supports TCP/IP
  • Hardware
    A computer with an Ethernet port is needed to interface with the Verifier E
  • Software
    Web Browser
    OPTIONAL: Java (Version 1.3 or higher) runtime environment for "Live Image" display
  • Cable
    A standard Network Ethernet Standard Category 5 - Twisted Pair Cable, either straight-through or crossover. The cable is required but not supplied.
Technical Specifications -- Verifier™ 300 - RS-170
Resolutions > 500 DPI ± 1%
Optical Modulation Transfer Function
50% at 10 cycles per millimeter at finger platen
Linearity and Rectilinearity
Less than one pixel (average)
Image Area / Platen Size 1.2" x 1.2" (30.48 mm x 30.48 mm)
Communication Ethernet 100/10BASE-T
Power (Digital)
12 - 15 V DC
Temperature Range 35°F to 100°F (2°C to 38°C)
Humidity Range 10-95% non-condensing; splash-resistant
Weight 2.8 lbs. (142 grams)
Dimensions (H x L x W) 2.27" x 6.33"x 3.21"
(57.7 mm x 160.8 mm x 81.5 mm)
Regulatory FCC, UL, CE
 Finger Print Scanners / Readers / Sensors
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  Stamp Registration
  Description :- Fingerprint of user is captured and printed on Stamp Paper.
Size :- All over Maharashtra at 400 places.
Period :- Completed in One Month.
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