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Library Digitisation / Digital Library set up
Library Digitisation

Libraries all over the world have become very IT savvy and have taken major initiatives to deliver Information Services through distributed digital environment.

Tutis Technologies Ltd with its rare blend of skill sets, which includes IT, Biometric and Publishing Support solutions, would be able to make significant contributions to the Library Science community worldwide.
Tutis Technologies Ltd offerings for Libraries:

Scanning & Indexing
Microfilming, Microfilm scanning
Retro-Digitization (Archiving)
Full Text Conversion
Editing and Abstraction Services
Cataloguing (our process associates are well versed in MARC21, UK MARC, AARC2,Dublin Core standards)

Tutis Technologies Ltd’s software team would be able to help the Librarians in their Automation and Document Management needs (to read more please visit our web page on DMS (Document Management Systems) and learn more about out Optidocs DMS Suite)

Digital Library set up
Tutis Technologies Ltd can set up a Digital Library that will allow libraries/media centres to attach digital objects (images, full text, video and audio clips) to metadata records. This will allows users who search the databases via the online public access catalogue (OPAC) to see digital content online and/or download such content if they are authorized to do so.

We can also develop or enable libraries to develop their own digital repositories compatible with an international web-based protocol called Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH).

This can allow Libraries to

a) Store their own records in a format compatible with OAI-PMH so that others can harvest such records and

b)Harvest records from several OAI-PMH compatible digital repositories.

Publishing Support Services (PSS)
Conference Publishing Services (CPS)
Library Digitisation / Digital Library set up
Editorial Services, Abstracting, Content Management
Document Management Solutions - Optidocs
  Financial Institution
  Description :- Consultancy, Implementation of DMS (S/w & Services)
Size :- 15 million documents
Period :- 24 months
  Description :- Consultancy, Implementation of ‘OptiDocs’
Size :- High-speed scanners & > 100000 Pages
Period :- 6 Months
  University, Europe
  Description :- Tiff images converted into ASCII format with specific instructions from client.
Size :- 55000 Pages per Month
Period :- 2 years
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