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Case Studies

Following are a few client case studies that will provide you an overview of our work structure and capabilities:

Software Solution

Remote Query Enabling

This is a kind of middle ware based on UNIX RPC, Messages and UDP SOCKETS that connects old stand alone UNIX applications and allows them to share the data over WAN. The applications can send request across the WAN for a specific data element and the middleware takes care of sending the request to appropriate host or hosts and manage the process of collecting and delivering the data back to the application.

The algorithm involves decision-making on part of the middleware about the host(s) to be contacted and some application specific protocols negotiations between two different hosts. The middleware maintains queues for requests as well as responses and makes sure that one request gets only one response.

This software runs on SOLARIS and UNIXWARE Operating Systems and is deployed to connect more than 200 locations over leased lines.

Remote Query Enabling
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